The Parking Spot Construction Project Complete

The Parking Spot Construction Project

Turning Point Construction chose to highlight this project, in specific, due to the complexity of the Exterior Structure and Electrical Coordination required.

The Parking Spot – East is the second parking structure developed by the Parking Spot in Austin. It was a joint venture with Joe Bland Construction, one of the best, if not, the best site work/ utilities contractor in Central Texas. We handled the Office Building Structure and the Exterior Parking Canopy whereas Joe Bland handled the Site work/ utilities, parking lot and pavement.

The canopy structure was very complicated. It was 16’ tall steel columns and had a wood structure on top that had been wrapped with metal roof/ metal panels. Tying the two systems together while maintaining structural integrity and aesthetics was a challenge. The metal clips had to be concealed and the metal panels had to be straight without a single bend or imperfection.

The Electrical work and coordination was a challenge as the site was fed from the building. This project integrated security gates and charging stations for electric cars. Thanks to the people at Joe Bland Construction and Turning Point Construction, the electrical scope transition from building to site was seamless and everything worked perfectly to plan.

The project was a success thanks to all team members; owners, design team, general contractor and subcontractors on this project. We are happy to say that both the Parking Spot and Joe Bland Construction have already contacted us to work together again!

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